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Sole Proprietors & Start-Ups Get Perks

We're here to help you make connections with the people that will drastically change your business! Here's what will happen after you join:


1. Develop a Plan

We work with you to understand your business's specific clientele, challenges and offerings to develop an outreach plan specific to your needs!


2. Get Introduced

We created targeted and personalized outreach that is effective in getting you connected to new clients, partners and collaborators.


3. Grow your Business

With you new connections and resources you don't miss opportunities and you can focus more of your time on what matters most, your business!

What Else is Included?

We understand that not all organizations and industries face the same challenges. That's why we've customized these benefits just for you. SLU Chamber supporters are better connected. Join us to take advantage of these great benefits!

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“For anyone questioning whether joining is worth the investment, I say YES 10 fold.”

- Anne Lancaster, Lancaster Consulting, LLC

How Much Does It Cost?

Renewal is in January and the year of sign up is pro-rated accordingly. Start Ups must have 5 or fewer FTEs to qualify.



*If you have more than 5 FTE's please visit the benefits page for 'Professional Services & For Profits'.

*If you're an Individual, Agent or Broker please visit the benefits page for 'Professional Services & For Profits'.

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