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Celebrate SLU

2021's Best of SLU

Congratulations to 2021's Winners!

SLU Restaurant of the Year: Kati Vegan Thai

SLU Large Nonprofit of the Year: YouthCare

SLU Small Nonprofit of the Year: MOHAI (Museum of History & Industry)

SLU Small Business of the Year: MadArt

New to SLU Business of the Year: Martha's Garden

SLU Good Neighbor of the Year: Northeastern University - Seattle

What is Celebrate SLU?

This event brings together people from diverse industries and backgrounds to celebrate the great neighborhood we live & work in. Celebrate SLU was established in 2008 by the SLU Chamber to recognize organizations and companies that contribute in a meaningful way to the improvement and success of our community.


This year’s virtual celebration is focused on honoring the organizations that have made a positive impact in the neighborhood, community or world around COVID-19, whether it be partnering with each other around economic recovery, supporting relevant philanthropic efforts, contributing to medical/research advancements, and more.


We're excited about this year's new virtual format and are sure you'll enjoy it too! Guests may choose to simply watch the awards ceremony from the comfort of their office or home or take a mare active role and engage with businesses and organizations before or after the ceremony in one of six breakout rooms - the choice is yours! Its a great way to support your SLU community and connect with some familiar faces or make new connections. We'll even have a photo booth and will be hosting a collection of event photos in recognition of your participation.



How are winners selected?

Every year the SLU Chamber nominates up to six business in each category. Nominees do not have to be involved with the SLU Chamber. They are chosen based on demonstration of participation in, support of, or good works for the community. This can take the form of community events, fundraisers, donations to local causes, advocacy on community issues, community improvement projects, volunteerism etc. These works must demonstrate that the organization is committed to helping South Lake Union succeed as a community. Organizations that have won in the previous two years cannot be nominated. If you'd like to recommend an organization to be nominated, contact:

Nominees are then put out for public vote. Voting is open for several weeks and anyone can vote; however, same day duplicate votes will not be counted. Once voting has closed the top three vote getters in each category become the Finalists and are featured at the event where WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED LIVE!

Past Award Winners

Retired Categories

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