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Connecting people and organizations in SLU to foster strategic relationships and opportunities.

SLU Chamber Small Business & Nonprofit Relief FUND

This fund is intended to help support South Lake Union’s small businesses & nonprofits impacted by COVID-19. While there are multiple grant relief resources becoming available, we have identified gaps that leave some of our neighborhood businesses and nonprofits without relief opportunities. This fund aims to address any funding gaps and support all South Lake Union small businesses & nonprofits. We are currently collecting contributions with a goal of $250,000. 100% of funds will be given to local small businesses and nonprofits. Do your part by donating now!

Please donate to Round 2 of our #SLUChamberFund so we can continue to aid our South Lake Union community!

Your contributions make a difference for South Lake Union small businesses & nonprofits! See below what one of SLU's oldest small businesses has to say about the Fund Grant they received.

"Wow, we cannot express our gratitude enough! While it's nice to have the Chamber in good times it's truly a blessing during the hard times! We love our SLU neighborhood and are thankful for the community support.

As a founding member of the chamber, never in his [Athletic Awards Owner] wildest dreams would he have imagined the chamber would be so successful and powerful to give money to needy businesses, it's truly astonishing what you and your team have accomplished!" - Ben & Monty Holmes, Athletic Awards


Help us reach our $250,000 goal!

RAISED: $62,000
GOAL: $250,000

Connections to Help You Grow

We understand how hard it can be to network and stay up to date on everything in the neighborhood. We are connected to 200+ organizations in SLU and can help you stay on top of it all. Schedule a meeting so we can put together a plan tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

How It Works

Get connected and stay in the know.

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1. Identify the Issue

Schedule a meeting or phone call so we can get to know you and your organization.

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2. Develop a Plan

We work together to create a tailored plan.

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3. Get Connected

Personalized outreach and introductions.

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4. Increase Your Opportunities

We're here to help grow your business.

"The SLU Chamber does a great job of bringing businesses together and helping them grow. "

-Justin Young, Flow Fitness

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