• You can bring JOY to a child this winter by collecting basic items with WestSide Baby.

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    November 20, 2018

    Between now and the end of this year, WestSide Baby and their 114 partner agencies will distribute diapers, coats, pajamas, car seats and toys to 3,000 children. Each year, there is an increased need during November and December as the weather gets colder and families on a limited income stretch their dollars to keep their children warm.


    “It seems simple, but when it gets cold, kids need warm coats, pajamas and socks. These items are not cheap, and we really notice an increase in requests for warm items all winter – long past the holidays and into the new year.”

    -Becky Schroeder, Community Impact Manager


    What you can do?

    You can host donation drives - or “JOY drives”, and to engage your family, coworkers, friends and neighbors in collecting our most needed items this winter!


    Hosting a drive is easy!

    1.      Sign up today <bit.ly/JOYdrive>

    2.      Get an email with all the info and materials you need including printed posters and materials, a collection box and support from WestSide Baby staff.

    3.      Collect items with your children, friends, family or co-workers

    4.      Drop-off your drive items at the end of your collection drive


    “As a parent of 2 young kids, it’s important for our family to focus on acts of generosity and giving during a time of year that is often about ‘getting’. Collecting and donating items is a great way to involve them in the spirit of giving to others who deserve the same warm coats and fun books that they do!”

    -Carina, Development & Events Manager at WestSide Baby



    November and December! Your drive can be one day, one party, or one event, or it can be a couple of weeks.


    Want to help in a different way?

    Head to westsidebaby.org/JOY <https://westsidebaby.org/joy/> to sign up to volunteer or togive a financial gift online. You can also send our most needed items via our Amazon Wish List<http://bit.ly/basicsforkids> or do a JOY donation drive 100% online.


    About WestSide Baby

    WestSide Baby in partnership with our community collects and distributes new and gently used items for children and families living on a limited income. These essential items include diapers, clothing, toys and safety equipment because we believe all children deserve to be safe, warm and dry. In 2017, WestSide Baby worked with over 45,000 families to get them the simple items they need to live happier and healthier lives and this year, we need your help to continue to reach more children and families throughout western King County.

    Follow the JOY on social media: @westsidebabysea <http://instagram.com/westsidebabysea> or connect with us through email: drives@westsidebaby.org.