• SLU Chamber: New Logo

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    January 03, 2017
    Connect. Commerce. Community.

    The SLU Chamber strives to be different. We look to the innovation and growth of our neighborhood and seek
    to redefine what it means to be a neighborhood Chamber. Our community is one that embraces a wide range of organizations and businesses. Nonprofits and volunteer organizations live side by side with tech giants and leaders in online innovation. Ours is a community in which for profit organizations support and encourage one another. In addition to our growing businesses we are seeing a doubling and tripling of our residential population, bringing with it a kind of activity that breathes life into our streets, parks and public plazas.

    In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, we have partnered with The Hilt Agency to design our new branding and creative content. We are excited to unveil this logo and a new approach to the neighborhood Chamber. We are committed to providing value for our members and we believe that value comes in creating a stronger community through connectedness. We look to be an active partner in the community and help all of our businesses to be more connected and successful. We are building online resources to serve the community and update our members on events, deals, volunteer opportunities, construction, development, transportation and public policy initiatives. 

    This logo takes inspiration from the colors of the shores of Lake Union and the nature of our beautiful public parks. It uses symbols that evoke rippling, connectedness, communication, and growth. It speaks to a flexibility and movement that we see in our ever changing neighborhood. We are looking forward to what the next 10 years has in store for us and the community!

    Logo Created By The Hilt Agency: 
    Danah Abarr