• Finding the Heat in South Lake Union

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    January 21, 2016
    Finding the Heat in South Lake Union, Seattle's coolest neighborhood - by Rosemary Ponnekanti

    "I knew it the morning I sat down at my laptop and couldn't type. After an early-morning dog walk, my fingers were literally too cold to move. Something had to be done I had to find somewhere to warm up: body, mind, and spirit. So I decided to find what human warmth I could in one of Seattle's coolest neighborhoods - South Lake Union.

    South Lake Union, SLU, as it's being called, isn't exactly your first thought when it comes to warm and cozy. Microsoft, Amazon and the other tech giants moved in, and the brand-new buildings reflect a cool gray sameness, replacing quirky historic car dealers with the latest hip eatery/ designer store/ Tesla showroom and creating literal chill with their wind-tunnel streets. Progress, yes. Warmth, no. But you can still find humanity in South Lake Union, in the form of cafes, bathhouses, art spaces and even the REI store - places where you can warm up body, mind and taste buds. You just need to know where to look."

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