• Member Testimonials

  • We absolutely love all supporters of the SLU Chamber and we value their opinion and feedback. Our supporters are the best at promoting what we do at the Chamber and how we can be of service to you and your business or nonprofit. Please feel free to give us your feedback at anytime!

  • We are grateful and fortunate to be a part of the SLU Chamber. From the moment we first joined they gave us VIP treatment. They introduced us to all the local members, and helped us grow our Escape Room business immediately. They truly care about their members and helped make us a success.

    Seth Wolfson, Hourglass Escapes


    We got a call today from the concierge at the new 8th + Republican apartments. They want to do a building-wide drive for us. They learned about us via our brochure in the SLU Welcome Bags! So great to know those are reaching people who are actually reading them. Again, kudos on a brilliant campaign. 

    Lisa Moore (on success of SLU Chamber Welcome Bags)
    Queen Anne Helpline


    The SLU Chamber of Commerce has been an amazing resource for us and our new business. They have been so helpful with getting us connected in our new community. They have tons of regular, fun, networking events where we have been able to meet other local professionals within the community. They have also been great with meeting with us on a regular basis and connecting us with various organizations within the community to create exposure for our new business. I would definitely recommend the SLU Chamber as a great resource for anyone looking to get involved within the community and to grow their business. 

    Dr. Nima Samiee
    Solution Chiropractic


    I am pleased to highly recommend the SLU Chamber as an organization that has high value. As the CIO of a local strategic consulting firm, I became engaged with the SLU Chamber when working with a business looking to locate in the SLU area. Connecting with the SLU Chamber was the best choice because it has lead to active, beneficial, high-quality connections. There is a deep commitment to partner with the local businesses and not superficially but genuinely. For anyone questioning whether it's worth the investment, I say YES, 10 fold. 

    Anne Lancaster
    Lancaster Consulting, LLC


    We're extremely grateful to be part of the SLU Chamber of Commerce. They do an amazing job connecting big and small businesses, supporting neighborhood events, and promoting local ventures. Caffè Torino has been a member with the Chamber since we opened and we've benefitted greatly from it. The Chamber is also a great source of information for anything SLU-related, and they tirelessly continue to make this great neighborhood thrive. Our favorite initiative is the bags that are delivered to all new residents and businesses. It would be a mammoth task to do by ourselves and we're thankful they're doing it for us! Keep up the great work! 

    Andrea Florissi

    Owner - Caffè Torino


    The SLU Chamber creates a business community that as a group is stronger than its parts. The SLU Chamber helps to promote businesses and their events and gets the community involved. The Chamber also helps businesses voice their opinions to the city about projects that are happening in our neighborhood.

    Monty Holmes

    Owner - Athletic Awards


    The SLU Chamber does a great job of bringing businesses together and helping them grow. The SLU Chamber truly understands the businesses of their members and only makes introductions when appropriate. They have also put together several campaigns to help promote businesses within South Lake Union. Most importantly, the SLU Chamber has been very active in keeping its members aware of political initiatives that may adversely affect businesses and help voice our concern to the appropriate people.

    Justin Young

    Owner - Flow Fitness


    "The SLU Chamber has served as a great resource for 5focus. They keep our fitness studio and physical therapy clinic aware of what is going on here in our unique neighborhood. The SLU Chamber helped us network to found the Lake Union 10k ten years ago and continue to support the event to this day."

    Laura Robinson

    Owner - 5focus 


    "Thank you so much for the SLU events emails. I try to keep up on things going on in my neighborhood, but change is so rapid, staying current can be challenging. The SLU Chamber is a great source for useful and interesting information."

    Sue Eng, Resident