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    • Business Name: 
      • Pilates ProWorks Seattle SLU
    • Opening Date:
      • May 21, 2018
    • Hours of Operation: 
      • M-F: First class is 5:40 AM, last class at 6:50 PM 
      • Sat/Sun: First Class at 8 AM, last class at 10:50 AM 
    • Brief Background of company: Pilates ProWorks was founded in 2009 in San Francisco by husband and wife team, Oscar Sanin and Taylor Carter.

    Oscar's journey to founding Pilates ProWorks came by way of a personal health crisis. He sustained injuries from a serious accident and, over the years, was told he needed to undergo major surgery. In his search for an alternative opinion, a doctor recommended he try Pilates before undergoing surgery. Oscar started a pilates regimen and was amazed by the strength and improvement that he gained in such a short period of time; however, being a successful entrepreneur, he also saw things that didn't work for him and a new opportunity was born. 

    Many of the reformers on the market lacked quality and comfort, and yet the cost of sessions was very expensive. He became convinced that there was a way to give more people the opportunity to practice Pilates, and on a superior machine.

    He worked with industrial designers and fitness consultants to overcome the limitations of the classic reformer to create the FitFormer™. Once he had the machine, and a contemporary workout to go with it, he opened his first studio in San Francisco, offering group classes and accessibly priced monthly memberships.

    • Why SLU?
      • SLU is such a vibrant, gorwing community. And yet, there isn't a lot of fitness. When we decided to bring the Pilates ProWorks brand to Seattle, we knew South Lake Union was the perfect spot. It's not easy to find space here, but we were patient. It took 2 years, but was totally worth the wait! 
    • Why now?
      • We're excited to be part of the SLU Community development story. There are so many buildings going up, we wanted to open in the part of the neighborhood that is still evolving. As it turns out, we'l be across the street from Facebook's new 2-building campus on Thomas St.
    • Do you have/plan to have other locations?
      • Yes, we're actively looking at other locations in Seattle and on the Eastside.
    • What is exciting or different that you're bringing to SLU?
      • ​While Pilates has been around since the early 1900's, the Pilates ProWorks' version is very modern. Think fast transitions, upbeat music, and bursts of cardo...all while staying true to the low-resistance, core-focused style of the tradional method.
    • What sets you apart form other similar to you?
      • If you like traditional pilates, but wish it was more dynamic, this is the workout for you! Our members say they get "addicted" to the workout because there are always new ways to challenge yourself with this style of Pilates.
    • Social? 
    • Address? 
      • 771 Thomas St., Seattle, WA 98109
    • Your Name
      • Kate MacDonald
    • What is the most stereotypical "Seattle" thing you catch yourself doing or not doing?
      • Being shocked at the things we recycle/compost in Seattle that end up in landfills in nearly every major American city.
    • What is your current guilty pleasure show?
      • The Bachelor
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